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There Are Two Approaches Consultants Use With Contractors

The Everything You Do Is Wrong Approach - Your website is horrible! Your marketing is terrible! Your bookkeeping is a mess; your entire approach to running a business is the worst one ever in the history of the world! You need to make immediate and expensive changes now before everything comes crashing down on your head!

This Approach Focuses On Producing Negative Results - And it is very popular with book-smart Gurus with all the answers who have never run a construction business or faced the challenges of making a payroll on Friday afternoon when there is no money in the bank on Wednesday morning! One of the Universal Laws has to do with you getting what you focus on, and this approach brings more pain in your life and your business.

The Holistic Approach - You are a perfect being operating in a perfect place at the perfect time, and you are on a never ending journey becoming all you were created to be. You will encounter many good guides, teachers, mentors and consultants who will support you on your different paths, times and phases of your quest. It is important you work with someone who has been where you are now because you deserve to be wealthy because you bring value to other people's lives.



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