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Free Contractor Change Order Word Template

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Change Order Form For Your Attorney To Review

There is no perfect construction change order form and for the most part it makes no sense to purchase a construction change order form template that you will need to alter anyway.

Regarding construction change order templates including the free one here we strongly recommend you hire a construction attorney to review it and make whatever changes they see fit.

The purpose of the construction change order form is to help you make a prisoner on paper any conversations between your customer and you, the contractor, your project manager, superintendent, foreman, construction worker or anyone else who has conversations with your customer.

A lot of the made or lost on a job as shown in the profit and loss by job report can be traced back to how well construction change orders were handled.

Always remember the many variations of "The Four Important Words" of Give Them What They Want your customers and clients always use that lead to construction change orders and increased profits:

  • While its open anyway...
  • Since we're this far...
  • Since we're already doing...
  • Why don't we do..
  • Why not do the...
  • I have an idea...

And do not be afraid or feel uncomfortable about asking for more MONEY and TIME to do more work. After all you may have shopped at the same grocery store for over 20 years spending $50.00 a week and you will have spent more than $50,000 in that time and if you think you can walk out with a gallon of milk without paying for it, all you will get is a FREE ride in the back of a police car!

Your customers and clients may try to push you a little just to see if you will give them something for free so don't take it personally, it is just a game to them. Stand your ground and in most cases, reasonable people will pay you a fair price for your services. Which means in the end your construction company will earn more money, pay better wages to your employees and you will generally enjoy a fuller and richly rewarding life.

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